About Sanremo

Located in Italy in Treviso, near Venice, Sanremo is an established, dynamic family owned company that is driven by design and innovation, but retaining the integrity of its artisan origins, still building each and every machine meticulously by hand. Sanremo prides itself in setting high standards in the development and production of its coffee machines.

Sanremo’s machines are designed within the company by a team of highly skilled professionals working as a close-knit team. The range of Sanremo’s machines extends from models designed for high level performance with optimal production efficiency to models with fine contemporary designs.

All of our machines enhance the experience of making coffee with a perfect balance of taste, form and functionality.

About Sanremo Australia

Sanremo Australia is relatively young company driven by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about espresso coffee machines. We aim to ensure Sanremo coffee machines and the service we provide make a difference to your business success.     

Sanremo Australia offers a wide range of commercial coffee machines to meet its customer requirements, from single boiler to multi-boiler and from entry-level to top-end machines providing precise temperature stability and significant energy savings. Additionally, we offer a wide range of high quality grinders and accessories to accompany Sanremo coffee machines.

Over the years, Sanremo coffee machines have been installed in a wide range of cafes, restaurants and bars across Australia. With the increasing consumer demand for good coffee, Sanremo brand has become synonymous with providing customers with high quality coffee every time.

Why Our Customers Choose us

Sanremo is one of the global leaders in espresso machine technology. The company’s focus in product development has always been on achieving ever improving and market leading coffee machines. The recently released Opera and soon to be released Café Racer epitomise Sanremo’s commitment to technological improvement to produce the best coffee for its customers.

The quality that Sanremo offers in its machines is evidenced by the importance we give to quality during every stage of design, production and distribution. This is made possible by consistent investment in technology and human resources. Sanremo’s quality covers the entire production cycle from the design and technical planning to the machine’s production. Our commitment to product quality extends to testing every machine twice before leaving the factory to ensure they are true precision instruments worthy of the Sanremo name.

Sanremo machines offer a very high level of reliability and are built to last and withstand the constant demands of commercial use. A recent survey of our machines by Sanremo UK and Sanremo Australia indicated a call-out rate of less than 1% annually over a five year period. 

Our machines are built to enable easy access to internal parts for fast and cost effective technical service.