Sweet New Roastery Cafe BlendIn Coffee Club Stands Out in Sugar Land

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With so many choices and variables involved in the selecting, roasting and brewing of coffee, as well as for the layout and decor of a cafe, it’s almost as if an aspiring shop owner must be both a biochemist and an interior designer. As it happens, just such a pair has opened a cafe inside a freestanding former bank building in the Southwest Houston city of Sugar Land, Texas, called BlendIn Coffee Club.

In mid-November, the married team of Xuan Zhou and Weihong Zhang, an interior designer and biochemist, respectively, opened a 2,100-square-foot cafe of bright, airy and sophisticated style, designed specifically to maintain consumers’ focus on the beans and brews.

“We try to use a neutral colour, and we did not put too much decoration on walls, glasses and ceilings, so our customers will put more attention on our coffee,” Zhang told Daily Coffee News of Zhou’s strategy for the clean and efficient interior. Beyond his biochemistry PhD, Zhang also achieved Q Grader certification in Shanghai after studying under Paul Kim and SCA certificates with help from Patrick O’Malley in Tempe, Arizona. BlendIn will be offering an educational program lead by Zhang that includes courses in green coffee, roasting, brewing, and barista skills from inside the new shop. Customers in the shop simply for coffee are served espresso drinks made on a Sanremo Opera machine and ground by Ceado grinders, or else brewed single-origin coffees through an Alpha Dominche Steampunk, ground by Mahlkonig EK43.

“Opening the shop is only our first step at our location,” Zhang said. “We will offer SCA-certified classes, cupping events, home-brewing workshops and many different coffee events to promote specialty coffee.”

BlendIn coffees are roasted in-house in a Diedrich IR5 that is being joined this month by an IR1 for teaching purposes, as well as for profile roasting. Zhang said that beyond his own palate and senses, BlendIn roasts are planned and evaluated with consideration of the density and moisture content level of each bean. ColorTrack roast color laser analysis is also employed while roasting, and a TDS-measuring refractometer ensures that subsequent brews are on-point and consistent in the shops that may only be the first of several.

BlendIn Coffee Club offers a range of single-origin coffees brewed in-store via an Alpha Dominche Steampunk or as espresso.

“My long-term goal is to open one store on each continent, perhaps the second store in China,” said Zhang, who has traveled with Zhou to Colombia and Guatemala on sourcing trips. “February 2018 we are visiting Yunnan, China coffee farms to taste and possibly source some coffee there.”

Announcing the Qualified Equipment & Products Sponsors for the 2018-2020 World Coffee Championships

The World Coffee Championships take place thanks to the support and dedication of a wide array of organizations and individuals. Integral to that support are the Qualified Sponsors, the manufacturers who provide the equipment & products that competitors use on stage. These sponsors sign three-year agreements to support the strategic growth of the competitions, and dedicate time and resources to ensuring that every world championship competitor is using the same high quality of equipment. 2018-2020 will be the next qualified sponsorship cycle, with Victoria Arduino returning as World Barista Championship (WBC) Espresso Machine Sponsor, Mahlkönig as WBC Grinder Sponsor, and Urnex joining as Cleaning Products Sponsor for all of the world championships. Sanremo will be the Espresso Machine Sponsor for the World Coffee In Good Spirits and World Latte Art Championships, which will respectively have Mahlkönig and Anfim as grinder sponsors. Ditting will be the World Brewers Cup Grinder Sponsor, and Technivorm will be the World Cup Tasters Championship Brewer Sponsor.

To become a Qualified Sponsor, manufacturers submit their equipment and products to the Qualified Testing program for performance testing using a set of standards developed by the industry experts on the Qualified Testing Committee. If the equipment or products passes all of the testing criteria for its category, then it is officially qualified for use at world championship competitions. At that point, all qualifying manufacturers are then invited to submit proposals into the bid process for the upcoming Qualified Sponsor positions in each of the competitions.

Sponsorship proposals are evaluated by the WCE Advisory Board based on many considerations, including the offered equipment, logistics, staff, and financial resources for the championships events, as well as investment and interest in the global barista community.

Please read on below for a complete breakdown of all 2018-2020 qualified sponsors and the equipment they will be providing in the 2018 competition cycle.


  • Espresso Machine – Sanremo, Cafe Racer
  • Grinder – Anfim SPII
  • Cleaning Products – Urnex Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder and Puro® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder


  • Espresso Machine – Sanremo, Cafe Racer
  • Grinder – Mahlkönig Peak and EK43 (S)
  • Cleaning Products – Urnex Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder and Puro® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

Source: World Coffee Events, click for link

The King Of Espresso Machines Makes Its Debut In NYC

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Introducing the new Sanremo coffee machine Cafe Racer. 

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Sanremo Cafe Racer to Make US Debut at Patrick O Malleys Infusion Coffee

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